Our application

Eska is an application for improving school performance. It gives a view of the kids’ work in figures, predictions of success, and an assessment of the risks they are exposed to. Teachers use Eska to provide all information about their students and can charge for the service. Communicate with their teachers in a structured and streamlined way.

Our mission

Our mission is to organize collaboration between the various stakeholders in the educational environment (Parents, Students, Teachers, etc.) in the way that is most profitable for each of these actors. This mission is possible thanks to:

  • Supervised structured data exchange mechanisms;
  • Instant access for all too relevant and figures information;
  • The intensive use of artificial intelligence to make analyzes and all kinds of predictions (Chances of success, educational services, etc.).

Our values

The Eska project is based on values that are dear to us and which guide each of our orientations.

  • Transparency :
  • We want to make it easier to follow up with kids in and out of school and to do this we try to clarify and make it easier for parents to access their kids' daily school information.

  • Teacher appreciation:
  • Our concern is to improve the image of the teacher with the students and their parents, through a daily perception of his work.

  • Improving the parent-child relationship:
  • Because the going of school life is an important factor in the parent-child relationship, Eska strives to make this relationship as healthy as possible by providing information very early on that prevents the parent from having the feeling of discovering “another child” when a major incident occurs or when he gets to know his school performance at the end of the school term.

  • Valuation through performance:
  • Eska compares academic performance in all aspects nationally and internationally for Teacher and Student respectively. This gives teachers and students the opportunity to position themselves in relation to others. It is crucial for us to stand out from other social platforms by promoting a new form of promotion that no longer involves image, but work. Thus Eska allows everyone to project themselves on a national and international scale, and to pursue a first place which favors the emergence of new worthy leaders.

our values

Our vision

Eska aims to become the most recognized authority on credible school statistics in the world. This is precisely to be the benchmark in terms of qualifying a child's performance in a specific environment.