Success Prediction

Eska analyzes data from your child's environment and combines them with his academic performance to predict his chances of success.

Risk visualization

Eska's integrated artificial intelligence uses advanced statistical models and your children's evolution, to measure the risks they are potentially exposed to: pregnancy, alcohol, drugs, etc.

Ranking: school and national

The application gives you the rank of your children in comparison to their school and the country.

Daily follow-up

Visualize on a daily basis how your children are progressing in terms of discipline, homework, scores and risks. You will take the right action and make the right decision in time.

Multi-parent access

Because multi-parent follow up is an essential factor for success, Eska allows more than one person on the same child. Just send the child’s profile link to the other parent.

Highly detailed discipline information

Switch to the granular discipline visualization with simplified and universal notation. You will have a clear picture of:

  1. Interest
  2. Attitude
  3. Attendance
  4. Social interaction.


Teachers! offer custom follow-up to your students. Send them homework and corrections, fill in the scores as well as the discipline. The application allows you to freely bill your service and have a clear view of your activity.